Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's day gift idea

Hi guys! I hope you guys have a wonderful mother's day! Because, quite honestly, even though most of us can't stand our moms sometimes, and we can't stand them nagging us, or even bother us, we can't help but remind ourselves that without our moms, we would seriously be nothing. My mom is amazing. Every single mom in the world is amazing. Mother's day shouldn't only be celebrated one time of the year. Instead, it should be celebrated almost everyday right? Well, to all the people that are interested in my mother's day gift idea, like I posted earlier, I have made my mom a mother's day COUPON BOOK!

Besides always being broke all the time to buy my mom a nice and expensive mothers day present, I decided to make something money can't buy.

My mom isn't the type of person who always needs a materialistic gift.
Whether I buy her a gift or not, she always reminds me how much she loves my home-made cards and picture frames, and gifts. She says it says a lot more than just maybe a sweater or a pair of heels from a store.

So, those who are low on cash, should definitely take part in this mother's day gift idea.

So here are the instructions!

1. First, I printed a picture of my mom, my sister, and I and taped the picture to the center of your desired scrapbooking card.

2. Then you move on to your first coupon offer.
Mine was "one FREE full body massage"

2. "Whine-free" ticket (haha i'm pretty sure any mom will like this one)

3. One free car wash

4. Cooking dinner coupon

5. One DO WHATEVER mom wants coupon. (I think every child should have one of these in their coupon books)

6. One free foot massage

7. One free mani/pedi

8. Free hugs & kisses

9. Free hair wash & style

10. This is the last part of your coupon book.

This is the part where you can write your message on, reminding how wonderful your mother is no matter how many times she drives you nuts, how beautiful she is no matter how many pieces of gray hairs she has, how amazing she is to be so strong to help you through all your ups and downs in life, and lastly, how much you love her no matter how far away, how old she is, how cranky she gets, how sometimes her parking sucks, but lastly... how much you really do cherish her in your life because in life, we only have ONE mother. And without them, you wouldn't be as strong and as blessed you are right now in your life.

I wish everyone to have a wonderful & amazing mothers day ever!

Remember to always,
stay wonderful, stay loving, and stay happy!


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