Monday, April 11, 2011

Stay strong

(not a tattoo)
but If I have the money for one, I would definitely have one just like this.

Today was a very emotional & stressful day... actually, the past couple of days were really rocky. But, now everything's better.
I can't really put too much information about it but I can say this..
My boyfriend taught me to let go of the little things that don't matter.
He taught me to keep my head up high & persevere.
He taught me to enjoy life the best way I can.
And live through it with no regrets, because everything happens for a reason.
He taught me to love myself no matter what.
& most importantly, he told me to stay strong.

So today, I wrote stay strong on my arm to remind me to always keep my head up high.

If any of you feel weak today, or if you feel hopeless, DON'T.

You're beautiful & worth every single second of your life.
Don't forget that.

Don't be weak.
Don't be fragile.
Don't be scared.

Be strong.