Tuesday, April 19, 2011


It's really late and I should really be sleeping since I need to take my sister to school in just a few hours.... (sigh) why do i do this so myself T___T but, I just had something that I needed to get off my chest. I don't know about you guys but I'm the type of person who would tend to be a little jealous when my boyfriend hangs out with other girls....... okay, maybe not just a little... maybe a lot. But I can't help it, my mind starts racing and my thoughts keep getting the best of me.

My boyfriend always tells me that they are just friends and that I shouldn't be worried about them. And although I keep telling myself that I really shouldn't worry and that it's a waste of time and energy to be jealous, it just subconsciously happens.

Until recently, I noticed that we've gotten into more fights than usual. We're not the type of couple who would fight constantly or bicker or get angry at eachother because that's just not what we do. But the past couple of weeks have been the worst. I've got my emotions all out of control and I really really hated myself for it. And girls, even though I was on my period, it shouldn't always be the excuse to any kind of fights. Don't worry, me and my boyfriend made up & we're all happy go lucky again. But, i've just recently started to gather up my thoughts and realized that I really shouldn't put myself through all the jealousy and hate again.

I know most of you are probably thinking... WHAT? Megan, jealous?! Hate?! That's not her! well, I told you guys I would step out of my comfort zone and this is me. The real me. So besides the point, as I continue to keep contemplating on my huge jealousy rage, I realize that being jealous is not only a huge ongoing fight between you and your love ones, but it's also something that eats you up alive if you don't do anything about it. I admit, that my jealously got the best of me but there comes to a point where I said to myself, "Enough is enough. You know Robert loves you with all his heart. You know he wouldn't do anything to you that would question his sincerity and love for you. Why put him through this... let alone, why put yourself through this too?"

I know this might sound cheesy but as I kept thinking about this, I really felt awakened. I don't know... Usually it's late nights like this that makes me think continuously about how I am or how I act or what I've said to my loved ones but tonight seriously made me realize how wrong I was to put my boyfriend through all of that in the past couple of weeks. Jealousy isn't a good thing, girls. It's the worst. Why let your mind think of such horrid things that not only make you feel like crap at the end and make your loved ones feel helpless?

So eventually I slowly began to stop reverting back to my jealousy side and started to be more open minded. I can't say I'm perfect though, since I do feel a little unpleased here and there whenever my boyfriend hangs out with his friends that are girls... but, not putting myself through all the jealous thoughts seriously helped me manage my emotions.

I know this is such a random post because I've never really posted anything like this before but I just wanted you guys to know that there is a solution to preventing jealous thoughts from attacking your minds. It's times like sharing beautiful memories with your loved ones, or cherishing the little things you both love doing, or looking back to old pictures you guys took at the movies, or at the park, or whatever. Make the most out of today and don't let jealousy or hate get the best of you because it seriously isn't worth it. Love the person your with and love the person with your all heart :) Things might get rough and bumpy throughout your relationship but as long as you guys got each other, there's nothing you both can or can't do.

Okay, I should really hit to bed now... yikes, 3:53am (my boyfriend is going to kill me if he finds out that I was up this late) >__<

anyways, I hope this helped you guys or girls with this jealousy problem. And I hope you guys have a wonderful week ahead of you!

Stay healthy, stay lovely, & stay happy!


S U J A Y S said...

Good looking blog and lot of work done. have a nice time

S U J A Y S said...

I read it. i think you feel insecure. i.e this is mine and nobody should share it with me. this kind of mindset should be changed. You are a good person. Try one thing - dont show you BF that ur worring about him. show him that ur careless. and see the change.
if this works revert me a comment. Sorry for free suggestion.

NEO said...

hi megan , i thanked u in my blog u can check that ,thanks again

Jewel said...

I used to have a terrible time with jealously until I realized that I was completely powerless over my boyfriend - AND - if he did decide to cheat he would be a fool! I'm no longer jealous at all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Megan, this is Trisha :3 I love your posts!! Just started readin some of your stuff (sounds creepy xD) but this one really got to me since I've really been dealing with some jealousy problems myself T-T but yay~ I'm not alone. I actually wanted to talk to you about this stuff... but I wasn't sure if it was too weird since we never really talked before T-T but anyways... thanks for sharing this. You're a wonderful person :3 Hope you're doing well!!