Friday, July 16, 2010

! story time !

please join me!
it's time to wake up bright & early to breathe in some fresh, clean & crisp air.

then, after filling our tummies with some yummy breakfast, it's time to hop over to the subway station.

hmm... decisions decisions... where shall we embark this adventure today?
i know! let's run on over and soak our feet into.....
this beautiful beach!
and hop into a pile of some amazing books & read under the sun.
as you finish that last word from your book... some magical dust has fallen from the sky... so close your eyes, take a deep breath, and make a wish!
eventually all the wishing dust has blow away through your shoulders
and at last, the end of the day is near.... so we lay by the green crisp grass and daydream under the sweet golden sun.

1 comment:

Stayseated! said...

It's amazing how many people love your blog... It seems you've become such an inspiration. Aye, the people around me are becoming so famous. I saw Scott Yoshimoto with Kevjumba and WongFu the other day in their MV... So jealoussss! :O

Keep it up!