Sunday, July 11, 2010

hello guys, i've missed you!

Hello there! I'm terribly sorry i've been gone for a month ): but i've had lots & lots of stuff to update you guys with. Some bad.... & some good.... There is more good news than the bad but let's start with the bad news, since I like to get that over with. June 23, 2010- was the day that my grandma had passed away. Although I am very sad that she had passed away, I am very happy because she has finally ended days of suffering. Let me tell you something about my amazing grandma. She had dialysis for almost 10 years because she wanted to live longer to see her children succeed, to see her grandchildren grow up, and to hold onto as much of life as she can. So, although I have shed loads of tears when my grandma passed away, I'm also thankful that God has given me such a wonderful grandma. Because without her there wouldn't be my dad & without my dad there wouldn't be me. Just something I have been contemplating on for the past week. Alright, now for the good news because of what happened to my grandma, my whole family came down & that was such a wonderful week. I wrote an old post about how I longed for some family get togethers & last week has definitely granted me with the best reunited feeling ever. It feels so good to have your family come down and remind you how wonderful you are & how much they love you. Although it was a short week, it was a good one. But besides that, i've been given the best family, the best boyfriend, the best friends I could ever ask for. Alright, I PROMISE i will update a lot more now since things have tuned down & i'm not as busy anymore. Alright, I gotta go get some stuff taken care of. Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Have a happy and sunny summer :)

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