Friday, December 11, 2009

good day :)

My last class was dismissed 20 minutes earlier so I was able to get a quick lunch on my way back home. Then, I spent the best afternoon with my boyfrienddd. Then when he left, I catched up on some sleep and a little bit after that, i was also able to catchup with some updates with my good old friends :) <3 sigh* i miss all of them so much! okay well, i'm done moping about moving so right now- i'm just going to cherish all the time i have left in diamondbar :) buttt- you know, it's not over. i will always come back(: not only to visit friends + the boyfriend, but to get crazy good korean/chinese snacks :) mmmhm~ hahaha- OKAY guys- i'm going to be putting up a video of me and my mom being stupid(: I love it when we're fooling around because it just makes me so stress free to see her laugh :) she's the best & she always knows how to make me laugh till my stomach hurts :)<3 i love herr

we both had the same sumo wrestler hair :) and if you guys didn't know what we were saying, we were both saying "something something" with my mom's infamous fob accent :) so it sounded more like "SOMESING SOMESING" :D (it's an inside joke)! It's okay if you don't get it :)