Monday, December 7, 2009

Too many changes

Theres just way too much stuff to do in such little time.... or maybe i'm just really good at procrastinating ): hmm, maybe that's what it is... But any-who; look who's staying up tonight to get everything done before finals week? yup, if you guessed me, your right. haha -_- geez I can't believe how much stuff i have to do... finals are next week and my teachers are just piling up tons and tons of assignments out of nowhere into my already little loaded-up brain of mine. yup, i guess that's what i get for taking 15 credit units in the first semester of college): sigh- but on the upside, it will be a lot better since I'm only going to take 9 units next semester :) ! mmm, let's see... well, not only are finals, projects, and last minute homework are bugging me but i need to get all my stuff packed up by the 21st of this month since i'm moving to far far away norco.. in 2 weeks from now): My mom already had boxes prepared for me to start filling them up with my junk... sigh* theres just way too much things going on and the thought of moving to a brand new city just frustrates and scares me.. not only the horses, but the thought of having nobody there that i know- it's like, that first time moving to diamond bar all over again except this time, it's consisted with southern style people with horses as their pets. Oh- and maybe some occasional cows too -_-! sigh*

However- one good thing has come today and it was probably the only thing that made my smile sustain throughout this drenched rainy day- my boyfriend and my 1 month anniversary :) Even though we couldn't spend the day to celebrate it, I still felt pretty special today. and just thinking of our happiness together just makes me whole again :) yup robert, if your reading this- i just wanted to let you know that you really are becoming such a big part of my life... and i'm so thankful to have such a wonderful boyfriend like you :)<3

okay- it's 10:30pm and i should at least get a couple things done off from my never ending to-do list of mine ): !

Goodnight world!