Saturday, December 12, 2009

you know your a college student when...

everyone has their own experience, but generally there are some universal truths to college (speaking from experience and observation)

1. You spend your life’s savings on books that you never open, let alone read.

2. You have slept in the library. And find nothing wrong with that.

3. You will invite perfect strangers into your car in the hopes of taking their parking spot.

4. You arrive at school at 7:30 to get a parking spot even though your first class isn’t until 9:30.

5. You’ve come home from a study session knowing less about the subject then when you arrived.

6. Your professors cuss in class and you don’t eve notice.

7. You get to class an hour early on exam days because you know all the seats are taken at least a half an hour before.

8. You’ll complain about not getting enough sleep, but you will stay on facebook until 3 in the morning.

9. You’ll do pretty much anything for free food.

10. You’ll dorm with perfect strangers but won’t lend your notes to the kid who sat next to you in biology all semester.

11. You ditch a class to write a paper for a different class.

12. You’ve realized that sleep really is optional. Enough caffeine can make anything happen.

13. Thursday is the new Friday.

14. Friday classes are some form of cruel and unusual punishment.

15. Academic probation isn’t as bad as it sounds, right?

16. Not getting into the class you want is grounds for waging an all out war.

17. You study in a coffee shop for three hours and don’t even order anything.

18. You wear the same sweats to class for three days. And so does the kid who sits next to you.

19. You see the sign in the library that says “No Cellphones” as you take out your phone to call someone.

20. Your printer will only breakdown the night before a term paper is due.

21. You carry a backpack and a laptop bag, the combined weight weighing more than you do.

22. You can’t pronounce any of your professors names.

23. You live ten minutes from campus but still drive to school and wait a half an hour to find a spot.

24. Tuesday/Thursday classes are way better than Mo/We/Fri classes.

25. is the deciding factor in your class schedule, whether you should buy your book and how often you will attend class.

26. You realize every class will have an annoying question person, a creepy corner kid, a depressed person and an overly involved person who tells everyone about their life being too hectic. There’s no escaping.

27. Some of your professors are only two years older than you.

28. You spend more time on facebook/twitter/myspace than in class.

29. Cram sessions are your only form of studying.

30. You calculate the minimum amount of points you need to pass a class.

31. You have had to attend five funerals for grandparents in one semester…even though you only have four grandparents and two are still alive.

32. All your money goes to scantrons, coffee, paper, printer ink and coffee. In that order.

33. A paper is due in two weeks, but you know that one more all-nighter won’t be that bad.

34. You stay up all night finishing your paper, but sleep through the class it was for.

35. You see things/people that you thought only existed in movies and tv shows. Literally.

36. You don’t know your classmates names until they add you on facebook.

37. Wikipedia is your real source for a paper.

38. You only do your laundry when you run out of underwear. Sometimes you just buy more underwear.

39. You can recite all 24-hour fastfood restaurants, pharmacies and grocery stores within a five mile radius.

40. When you are running low on black ink, you know that setting it two shades lighter will prevent it from having those annoying “out of ink” lines across the page.

41. You got a ticket for parking in the faculty parking lot.

42. Optional review days really mean no class.

43. You’ll wait ten minutes for the elevator rather than take the stairs to class.

44. You hit the “Panic” button on your car alarm so you can find your car in the parking structure.

45. You pretend to be on your phone when walking through the parking structure so you can ignore all the people who ask you if you are leaving.