Wednesday, September 16, 2009

College ain't no joke.

It just hit me in my biology class that I was so behind in my studying! Originally, Kelly and I was going to go to our school's gym to workout and take street dancing classes at 7:30-8:30pm but we realized how far behind we are in history, not so much in bio but still- a little review is strongly needed, and so on..! I'm so stressed out that taking a single break can possibly throw-off my whole schedule. I need to seriously stay on top of things and stop procrastinating... Ugh, I wish I learned to better organize my time and schedule instead of hoping for the best in the end... -_- These days, sleep to me is like, a precious and exciting shopping spree.... if that made any sense.. haha. no- but seriously, i'm so deprived of sleep that its making me go nuts. One minute, i'm fully energetic to take notes in my history class... and then another minute my eyes are slowly shutting off- and then BAM! i'm knocked out.. I'm seirously not exaggerating... it's quite ridiculous ): Ugh, and stupid facebook keeps me from doing my homework and studying... OKAY i'm going to stop here before i put myself in a big deep hole of a never-ending study night. boo ):
Wish me luck!