Saturday, September 19, 2009

Love help?

Why is it so hard for me to find a decent guy in my life...
I hate going through failed relationships... and i hate how nothing turns out right...
I hate it when you think this time... it's going to work. That you've finally found someone who is truly your match. Someone who doesn't make you think twice. And that breaking up couldn't possibly ever happen... but in the end, something stupid happens and everything falls apart.
Why is it so hard for me to connect one-on-one to a guy who truly understands me....
When you think everything in your life goes so well, your signifiant other turns around and breaks it apart.
Is this really, necessary...
Is all that bullshit excuse supposed to make me forgive all the time and effort we put into building a relationship?
why can't God just put a name tag on each person that imprints their partners name?
and is it really necessary to have relationships one after another so you end up with nothing at the end...?
Why is all this so fucking painful..

Just- for once, I just don't want to waste anymore useless time on some guy who isn't even right for me... & for once, I just want to find a guy who truly admires a relationship.. who won't make a 360 move on you, who won't make you feel hopeless after all that shit thats been thrown at you. And Just for once, find a guy who says those words "I love you" and fucking mean it for a change.

i'd just like to find my true soul mate.
For once.