Tuesday, September 15, 2009

on a positive note-

Today was definitely pretty exciting!

English was filled with suprises and laughs simply because of a fun assignment our professor assigned us to do in.. 10 minutes. Anywho, my group came up with a show and it was called "lil' sis". Basically, it was about 3 abandoned teens who only had eachother to support their life with. the "lil' sis" (me) was introduced into the 3 older teens and everything goes hay-wire since the group decided to cast me as a 6- year old little girl. Great- I know. haha but in the end, we came up with our "trailer" that brought laughs and smirks in the classroom. Especially my professor! And then it hit me- making yourself foolish for just a couple minutes and acting "childish" purposely, isn't so much of a bad thing. If it means to bring laughs and smiles across the room then.. why not? Especially during the 1 hour and 10 min. class, a little chuckle here and there wouldn't hurt :) College really is full of surpises & i'm glad i was placed in the classes that i have. Who can imagine the combination of certain students and certain teachers to be in a certain class? I mean- I know it's all computer programmed but maybe, it's... fate? Okay, don't go chuckling off just now- i'm not trying to be cheesy! haha, but really- have you ever thought that even though we pick our classes electronically, everything seems to be placed all together. perfectly...

it's amazing :)