Monday, May 16, 2011

Something amazing!

So, I know I'm supposed to not blog until this week is over for finals, but... I found something that was extremely cool! I was on youtube, and I was super bored so I just put in my blog name "wititmeganstyle" in the search bar. & this came up! I was like "woaaah, what is this?!"

After I saw it, I seriously thought it was a commercial or something!
I thought it was pretty neat :)
Thanks to vivalamusicxo for including me in a video! You're super sweet!
Okay, gotta get back to studying now.

Hope everyone is having a great day! I will be back soon with lots of updates after this week is done!

Don't forget to stay healthy, stay happy, & stay amazing!


Ashley said...

Oh my gosh..that's me!! :) Thank you!! :D I didn't think you would find it!! I follow your blog too!

lin said...

I get much in your theme really alissa milano thank your very much i will come every day