Sunday, May 1, 2011

Homemade smoothies

I love making home made smoothies. Especially yummy ones!
I'm trying to end my junkfood loving fastfood eating habits to a healthy and nutritious diet plan.
So far, I think i'm doing pretty good but I still ocasionally go out with friends to in n out & boba drink shops >.< But i'm trying. So anyways, back to smoothies.

I find that making your own smoothies is not only cheaper than going to jamba juice or juice it up, but it's also a lot more healthier. And trust me, once you make your own smoothies you tend to not wanna buy anymore overly priced smoothies.

I call it berry-mazing
LOL you can laugh. I know the name is lame. haha

Frozen strawberries: 5
Frozen blueberries: 10
Frozen raspberries: 5
Banana: 1
Organic Strawberry non-fat yogurt: about 2-3 spoon fulls
Organic soy milk: about 1 cup
Ice: 4-5 pieces

And there you have it! Remember, you can always change the proportions if you dislike any of the fruit I have listed. Also try substituting the soy milk to any of your favorite juices. (I used Aloe Juice once and it tasted a lot sweeter) If you have a sweet tooth like me, you can also add in 1-2 teaspoons of honey to boost up your sweet taste buds :)

Trust me, if your running late to work or to school (like me) this is the perfect breakfast on the go. I used a previous large Starbucks frappucino bottle they sell at the stores to use as my smoothie container. It just makes drinking smoothies so much more fun. But, you can always use your choice of bottle!

Have fun, stay healthy, & Stay happy!



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Chloe :) said...

I love homemade smoothies too , and one thing I've tried before is adding frozen yougourt instead of ice and soymilk ! I know it's not as good for you, but it's really really berry-amazing ! lol :) keep blogging, i love reading your posts !