Tuesday, October 5, 2010

my birthday wish

It was my birthday on the 2nd, of October and my dad asked me what I wanted for my birthday.

I replied to him:

Hi daddy,
I just have 3 wishes for my birthday. & you can't buy it with money :)

1. I wish for my Dad to take good care of his health. Eat a lot of fruit, eat a lot of oatmeal, and get some exercise done :)
2. I wish for my Dad to call me & my little sister once a week :)
3. I wish for my Dad to have a smile on his face everyday :)

I love you Dad... and if you could make these 3 wishes come true, I would be the most happiest daughter in the whole world :) This would be the BEST birthday present ever :) I hope your okay, don't forget to call us once a week ok? remember our promise? I miss you all the time... I love you!


and this was his reply:

You're so sweet, my dear! Daddy would try my best to complete your wishes,okay?



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sometimes, birthday wishes don't always have to be that new bag, or that cute pair of shoes... it can simply be, a little gesture, like this :) I hope this makes you happy.. it sure did for my papa :)

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Ashley said...

Aw, you're so sweet Megan! :] Happy Belated Birthday! May your wishes come true! :]