Saturday, October 9, 2010

I took a stroll in my city...

First stop: a cute cowgirl boutique store just down the street from my house :)

As you can see, the outside decorations grabbed some western attention!

I didn't take many, but these were a few pictures of what the inside was like!
really cute & random trinklets :)

after, me & my sister took our tummies for some old fashion thrifty icecream!then went to my famous town's murial for some quick snaps with these paintings!

then we went to a nearby park & took lots of beautiful pictures with amazing flowers :D

finally, came home to water some flowers of my own! :)

this adventure was definitely a success.
I feel so much closer to my town :)
you should try it!
you might find yourself a couple of new places to spend your future weekends with!

have a happy weekend, everyone!

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