Monday, February 1, 2010

getting a little fancy!

so, me and my friend kelly had to buy these ridiculous $40 i-clickers for our geology class cus it was part of the required items we needed for the class. Basically, it's a hand held device that allows students to vote "A", "B", "C", "D", or "E" in his/her answer choice when your professor decides to have a quick power point quiz. But besides the point... usually, if you ever put us two together, typically on a very boring day (like today), we start brainstorming crazy d.i.y (do it yourself) ideas!
Today, we did just that.
We decided to BEDAZZLE our i-clickers and transform them from UGLY into AMAZING! :)
Take a look!

From this:

To this:
^ All designs by me :) so former college students, if your tired of your boring old i-clicker, just run to joannes or michaels or any arts and crafts store to grab yourself a pack of jewels! Any color of your choice, and they generally cost pretty cheap! I bought a small pack and i only used half of it! If interested, read on to the materials i used for this :)
1. 1 pack of jewels: $1.99
2. gold thin nailpolish: $1.99
3. super glue: $2? (Kelly had some so we didn't need to purchase any but im guessing it's around that price!)

And thats it! Super easy, super fun, and you can get crazy with your creativity! :)

Have fun guys! :)<3
OH btw, if you get some superglue on your fingertips, just simply use nailpolish remover to rub the gunk off!
Stay safe and always enjoy life's little things!


juanne said...

haha you are so creatively cute

Stayseated! said...

Hahahaha! I remember those... We had to use them orientation... -_-"

Antiope said...

love what you did with the clicker....very creative!


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christy b., that's me! said...

These are awesome. I teach, but I have never heard of these clicker things. I am going to google. :o)

Anonymous said...