Saturday, January 30, 2010

oh snow,

today, i took my little snow to the vet to get her spayed. and BOY she did NOT like it at all! usually, she would be super duper extra hyper every day, every moment i see her but when i went to pick her up after her operation this afternoon, she was completely knocked out. When the veterinarian came out holding snow in her arms, snow just looked SO cheerless. she came out with the "mommy! i miss you!!! but i can't believe you had me go through HELL!" type of look. I know- i could read her just from looking at her poor little wet teary eyes... but i just ask one single thing from God- please, can you help snow help her go through her healing process as peaceful as possible? I really can't bare to look into those sad eyes any longer... it just makes me feel so heavyhearted... ): gosh- for once, i feel like a mother. And now i understand how it feels when a mother see's her child go through pain.

you know, they say "it hurts more for the mother when she see's her child go through any sort of pain regardless of how small or big it is."
and it's so true.

So guys,
cherish your family, friends, and pets.
Because nothing's better than having them around you
when you need them the most.