Friday, November 27, 2009

oh geez

it's been so long since i last updated this thing! well, theres way to much stuff to say in such little time so i'll just break it down. I got a new car because my previous car's owner wanted to take my camry back so my dad settled to just buy me a brand new car. it took me a while to figure out what kind of car i wanted because i was so attached to my camry T_T but since my dad couldn't afford to get me anything over 20,000 i settled with a toyota corolla instead :) the 2010 version is really cute too! and it was under my budget so i'm happy with that. however, i wasn't happy about these scratches on my car i already got! i know, and its only been a few weeks since i got it. or wait, maybe a few months. i forgot. eh- and what really depressed me was that i tried to cover the scratches up with white nail polish... (yes, my car is white) ^_^... but um, yeah- that failed miserably as well... sigh. oh well- other than that, did i mention that i am officially not single anymore? haha- yes, i've got a cute boyfriend that makes me super happy all the time :) maybe in another day i will just dedicate a specific day talking about how, when, what, where, and why our relationship happened :) soon- i will fill you guys up with those details but other than that, i should get to sleep now. it's 2 in the morning and i have to wake up in the next 5 in a half hours for work! yikes i hope i don't fall asleep while driving since, not only am i so deprived of sleep... but i'm heavily under some major food coma from an amazing thanksgiving dinner my cousin prepared for me and my sister :) i'm seriously so forever thankful for having such a great life. & i can't ask for anything better...