Sunday, November 29, 2009

As I promised

It's only been almost a month and i have such a strong feeling that he's the one. that he's the only one who can ever make me feel so special and important in my whole damn life... because he makes each and every single day of my life worth living in and i don't know about you but if someone made me feel that way, he is definitely worth holding on to, don't you think? (:

okay- i know what your going to ask.. how did i meet him?
well, it's pretty funny because we met ever since sophomore year of high school. we met on the school bus. yes- the school bus... and he starts off breaking the awkward silence between us when he talked about something completely random and funny. At that moment, i was a bit surprised because he was probably one of the few people in this world who had the courage to talk to complete strangers & i admired that(: but of course, i kept that to myself. haha (: but anyways- we started having small talks here and there from school to the usual bus drop offs and we became pretty good "school bus" friends haha. and everytime i see him at school we both greet eachother with warm smiles and simple waves and "hi's!" after a while junior year started to approach and that was when i started to drive so i no longer needed the school bus transportation sooooo- we both kind of drifted apart. however, after graduation we reconnected on facebook and just started talking to eachother again :) these talks led from lunches all the way to bowling alleys to diamond bar center hike trips. we both knew we had feelings for eachother but i was too shy to admit it first so him, being the gentlemen he is- straightout told me his feelings for me first and well, one thing led to another and anotheeeeer and now, i am happy as i ever can be because- not only is he officially my boyfriend, but i knew in my heart that he would never have me go through any painful heartbreaks or anything of that matter. So- that's why I love him. All 100% of him :)