Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Let's begin this by saying how glad my 4 day weekend went. It feels so good to reunite with my bestfriends once again. I dont know why but a whole bunch of seniors assume that senior year is really chill and laid back. ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE! It's just STARTING to feel a lot less stressful just because 1st semester is officially over & done with. YUP! but i don't want to slackoff 2nd semester either; however, i'm not gonna work extra extra hard. But anyways, lets not talk about school. howwww about, life? Actually, mine is actually okay. its not bad, but its not that wonderful either. Oh, I dont know... I feel kinda blah lately. I dont know... maybe its because ....... actually, i have no idea why i'm feeling like this. But i just do. ): Wow, this blog is useless...

maybe because i'm tired

& i still have loads of homework to finish.

gross ..

btw, i want to go escape to a beach... so peaceful.