Thursday, September 4, 2008

break from hw

So lately, i've never realized how ..... gosh, i can't even express my feelings in words. but to make the long story short, i've finally opened my eyes & discovered a whole new different perspective in things. I can really start appreciating what I have in life, and that after watching a documentary called "invisible children" in english class today, mixed emotions came rushing in my head and my heart literally melted. I feel like i'm a whole new person now. & although i dont have enough money to support the unfortunate people in Africa, I wish that my words can touch whoever is reading my blogs. As you can see, i've been writing about current events and environmental issues because i've been inspired every time I go to school; to learn things i've never imagined learning before. I just feel..... i dont know, i feel like we dont necessarily need money to save these poor souls, but just put out a voice out there to your friends, family, or even strangers..

feeling kinda moved?
i thought so too(: