Sunday, September 7, 2008


So this morning I woke up around 7:30 am to get ready for my SAT class. (which starts at 8 but needless to say, i was careless again so i arrived at 9) but anyways, class started off pretty well, met a few newbies & saw some of the usuals. nothing really special.. So after class ended, which was at 1pm, I shuffled through my bag to find money to buy food. fortunately i found $2 so i rushed to the vending machine to get a coke & their usual junkfood. I think i have to start bringing in my own lunch, not only cohs its unhealthy to eat junkfood all the time, but simply because....... i dont wanna spend my own money on their 50-75 cent garbage. I know, i sound a little too harsh but.. seriously, not only do i have to consume greasy & calorie-bursting junk, the machine really eats up my hard working money! ): so anyways, after lunch was over i had to take a brutal 4 hour test. Suprisingly, it wasn't that hard because I practically stayed full awake for the test! thank the souls who created coke (: haaaha. so when all that shinanagins was over, i left around 5:45pm & headed to grab something to eat because by that time, i was literally shaking because i lacked foooood. So my family and I headed to the shabu shabu resteraunt near my house. OH, did i mention.. my stepbrother came back from china! But hes sick though ): which sucks cohs he wont be able to take me and my sister to the amazing shopping places he always talks about. Hopefully he'll get better. ok RANDOM THOUGHT* but (is it me or does it seem like everybodys getting sick lately?) well, anyways i guess this blog wasn't all that interesting except one simple conclusion: I managed to stay the whole 9 hours in my sat class. 9 HOURS!

talk about gadging into my nerd mode, right?