Friday, August 22, 2008

c o n c e n t r a t e

its so hard updating this thing when theres so many things to do during this period of time. i've tried not to mention the words S A T in my blogs but i can't help it, its taken over my life.. i feel the need to vent over my feelings onto here so here it goes! So far, i've been improving little by little. i'm almost near my dream score so thats pretty good. However, i always tend to forget the stuff i learn each day my life passes by.. and i hate it. i wish my brain had a built in dictionary per say, or maybe a storage file filled with math equations and vocabulary. wouldn't that be nice? Yeah.. okay, venting time is over(: i feel somewhat better. So, school's just around the corner and in the mean time, i'm trying my best to fill each and everyday of whats left of summer to hang out with my friends and family. unfortunately theres only 3 days left. And i still need to go school supplies shopping! i hope theres still some left. it's crazy how people can procrastinate till the last minute to get things done on their checklist. Anyways, moving onto another subject, i've spent this evening cleaning out my refridgerator. and BOY, did it have lots of unpleasant suprises. I think i've spend a good 3 hours cleaning the fridge and its so worth it. not only getting money from my mom but also feeling refreshed every time i look at it. I'm so proud :) its so neatly organized! the milk, eggs, jars, leftover food, cake, and on and on and on.. I guess being such a neatfreak can really set a nice sense of completeness and cleeeeaness. well its getting late and i should go to sleep. a big day tommorow! OH, and did i mention.. i cooked dinner for my family last night. and to my suprise, i'm not that bad! did i also mention that it was my first time cooking? yeah, i was pretty shocked too. In a good way that is(=