Wednesday, July 30, 2008

crazy night to day

so lately, i was reading a novel by nicholas sparks called message in a bottle. I usually only read a chapter a night.. but i decided to finish the book because i got so close to the end, i might as well cram the next 2 chapters in.. besides it was already getting late and i dont usually wakeup until late in the day. by the time i finished reading, i peeked at my clock & it read 5:30AM. yeah.. i was exhausted in the morning. & to my suprise, the book is actually really moving. i loved it so much. i cried at the end cohs it was just too emotional(= well, i STRONGLY recommend it. the ending is really unexpected. well.. i can't give out too much hints so you'll just have to read the book to find out yourself!(= its easy reading and you get so attached to it. i absolutely love it. i think i will try to read all of his books. they're really addiciting.

well anyways, i had such a great sleep until 11:30am came around; unfortunately, my beauty sleep came to an end due to being shooken awake from the scary earthquake. i hate em so much, they scare the crap out of me )= so i stayed in bed and didn't move at all.. haha stupid right? throughout my elementry school years we were taught to hide under a desk or any hard covering..... proves how much i listen during my childhood years haha. but anyways, enough of that..

i watched penelope today! it is sooo cute. the cutest movie ever(= however, i still wished the movie would play longer, it is still nevertheless adorable and sweet. & if i were a critic, i'd give it an A+!

okay well i guess i'll go now.
check back again!

P.S. i hope i dont die due to future earthquakes or any other unfortunate disasters..