Saturday, July 26, 2008

3 movies in a day?

thats right, i watched 3 movies in one day without a pitstop to the restroom! unbelievable right? & to think i would dedicate a whole day into finishing my homework... -_- well, its official. i wasted a whole day doing nothing but sitting on the couch & watching tv. but i dont regret the movies i watched! definitly,maybe is such a cute movie. dr. doolittle 3 is pretty cutesy too, & to top it off with coach carter(= yeeeeep. 6 hours? or not even. maybe even 7 hours of sitting.. yeah. well, at least tommorow will be a little better. my mom will finally take me out to practice driving in the park or where theres a large space. i think i might be at school O_O who knows? then after, might do a little shopping for senior pictures. hmmmmm okay well i'll update later. goodnight!

OH, & did i mention that i started reading message in a bottle by nicholas sparks? its so settling, i love it!