Wednesday, June 25, 2008

swim/girlie days

today was fun(= i got tanned.. i think i kinda look too tanned .... bleh but its ok. can't wait till next time!


jODIE said...

omgggg taking pictures without telling us -___- hahaha i have weirdd actionss..
haha omg im so gay.. i was trying to type weird but instead i typed read.. and i wasnt even thinking about the word read -__-

jujumasta said...

LOL what jodie said...
not the weird parts

hehe it was fun. again again! & EWWW at the4 swimming suit fat pink picture of me by myself

im going to take paparazzi pictures next time too!


wheee i created an account so i can comment you guys hahhaa
it was fun :)
more pictures next time ok?

Anonymous said...