Wednesday, June 25, 2008


ah! even though i only have 3 days of SAT class, i still feel so drowned from hw after hw after studying after everythang -_- i guess this is what i get when i dont prep during my junior year )= it sure bites you back in the ass.. sigh* so those of you who dont see me online anymore, blame my homework! )= i think i should start making a daily schedule for myself. yaknow, to organize my daily lifestyle.. suchhh like that. BAH -_- i needa relax, i gotta go to a spa! or something of that sort. well, atleast the besties are coming over to swim tommorow! .. well, almost everybody )= darn ginger! just come T_T well.. gotta catch up on some sleep & wake up early tommorow to jog, clean, & finish up all the hw -_- ffuuuuun

there really is not enough hours in a day..