Monday, May 12, 2008


so mother's day was a pretty chill day, although it didn't go as planned as i wanted it to be. but it was still a pretty good day nonetheless. so around noon, my mom told me to take out all the pictures in my room & i immedietly snapped. ALLLL those pictures up on my walls are like, tatoos. they stay, so they stay. but i suddenly realized how harsh i sound.. why? because my mom told me that i'll be getting a new color for my walls! i really need to work on the way i think, i seem to always bring up all them negative stuff (like yesterdays post). sorry about being a worrybooger )= i guess i should try to approach a more optimistic point of view.

SO ANYWAYS, new color for my room?
my options are : pale yellow, light green, or baby blue.
i kinda want to go for a pale yellow. no reason, i just like yellow (=
but im still debating..

well here are some things im looking forward to:
- redecorating my room
- saturday SHOPPING with kelly!
yes, that means im not going to prom )= but its ok, theres next year!
- summer FREEDOM, kindof.
mommy & sister goes on vacation while they leave me here to study for SATS.. this means, i will get full advantage of going out everyday. until they come back of course..
- learning to drive!
i overheard my mom & my dad's phone conversation & i will be getting my dad's car to drive around ! it's not that fancy, but it has airconditioning, radio, and its in pretty good condition. um, hollllaaaa ! haha

so here are things im not looking forward to:
- SAT june 7
- studying for finals
- going back to aci -_-
- stuuuuuuuuudyin for SAT's

well, i gotta go sleep
gotta wake up bright & early for school tommorow-_-