Sunday, May 11, 2008

this ones deep

so i do my homework right? then i look back to my agenda & see that school's about to come to an end. sheesh, i feel like i haven't encountered any memorable experiences this year, or at least any that i could remember.. prior to that, i seem to always think i'm so stressed out from schoolwork and studies but unfortunately, it's just my desire of sensational laziness. Sigh, this makes me feel like i haven't initally put in enough effort into my studies.. it's funny how internet & television can really make a person so unproductive. But anyways, enough of this sappy reflection. It's offically mothers day! Which means loads of housework & preperation for the perfect morning breakfest (= & to top it off, backyard flowers in a vase should help set the loving mood since neither me nor my sister have any ca$h in our pockets..

I really want to get a job.
But in order to do that I need to drive.
& well.. as for me, that probably wont happen till a couple months or so.
It's really hard to get around
mobile-less, unemployed & ca$hless )=
well, i'll be going..
i have to start making a mothers day card which will probably take me hours to finish..