Wednesday, April 9, 2008


such a big day today.
wokeup at 8am & studied, did math SAT..
went back to sleep & wokeup around 11:50 & got ready to go to jessica's.
got there & fooooled around & did chinese project(=
then got pickedup at 5:30ish & went home.
got home, had TUTOR!
tutor till 8....
offically BRAIN DEAD at the moment.
ate dinner, kelly came.
went to starbucks & cherry on top
then went back home..

heres a helpful tip: don't order a venti unless you REALLLY REALLY need it.
because, i am currently full of caffeine & therefore, i can't sleep. in addition, i have a huge headache... and thats not all, i also have stomach pains! )=
so my studying plans didn't really go as scheduled, so i ended up just procrastinating..
& had fun with... my.... posters & umbrellas. haha(=


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

jODIE said...

AHH HAHAHA i havnt been on blog for awhile .. hahaha i finally updated some gay shit -0- ... but ya. YOUR PICS ARE VERY CUTE i love the way how you find time to do a photoshoot between studying for sats.. hahahaha ok so like im officaially a failure in life...
see i cant even spell it right.. -0- rawr.. but i will take you lecture? or wisdom? to good use.. cause i will eventually kick my own ass and tell my self to wake up from this dream of mine.. -0- after i get my desk of course.. so i can have somewhere to study hahahah.. gahh ok hahaha bye! <33

Anonymous said...