Tuesday, April 8, 2008

okay, wtheck

my spring break wont be as fun as i thought it would be..
because its filled with school work & projects & SAT!
which only leaves me with friday saturday & sunday of
free days.. what a poooop)=

yesterday- wokeup, SAT the whole day

today- i have to wakeup at 8 am & do math SAT, & memorize vocab . then at 12 going to jessica's to do chinese project, then tutor picking me up around 5:30 & working on SAT till 7:30 )= then maybe hanging with kelly?

wednesday- wakeup at 8am do math SAT, memorize vocab, & work on chinese workbook, work on math extra credit packet. then tutor coming at 5pm-7pm.

thursday- 8am: math sat & vocab, finish up on math e/c packet, at 12pm: go to dmv to retake my permit test, tutor coming at 5pm-7pm

friday- FREEEEEEEE !

saturday- FREEEEEEE !

sunday- FREEEEEEE !

what a hectic schedule)=

theres just not enough time in a day..