Friday, January 20, 2012


"Focus on your dreams and your goals. Love will come when it comes. Until then, work hard & stay humble."

For once, I've learned to just be content with what I have in my life already. I used to always feel like there was always something I needed to do or have to be to feel complete. Quite frankly, it gets tiring sometimes… especially when people tell me or when people tell their friends that you absolutely NEED to find that special someone in your life... like, right now. NO. Not true. What’s up with the chase? Honestly, no one in your life will keep track of how long you have left to find your love. Right?

The thing is… living a single life gets… lonely sometimes. No fluffing there. But, what you come to realize is that life is much more than finding your other half. Sure, finding him/her is always a great thing, but there’s no point in rushing into a relationship. I’m speaking up for anyone who feels like they can’t find true happiness on their own… or anyone who feels like they have much more stuff to discover about themselves first before being dedicated in a long and serious relationship.

Personally, I used to think living a single life wouldn’t bring me happiness in my life. The truth is, I was never that confident or secure about myself in the first place... let alone, strong enough to bring my own life its happiness. I used to always try looking for it through my relationships. Although my relationships all ended, and I’m single now, it doesn’t mean that I have ever regretted them though. Sure, there were its ups and downs… lots of them. But, each one has taught me something about myself. Something I thought I wouldn’t ever have. What is it, actually? Well… ultimately, I became a stronger and more confident girl, on my own. I grew my own wings of strength and let me tell you- it was NOT easy. Haha. I know in my blog, I always come off as a happy girl, and that I wouldn’t let anything get in the way. Truth is, I wasn’t entirely always that happy or strong all the time. Until I finally went through my hardest and most painful point in my life the past half year, I was finally able to shine from the dark and seek the light. In all seriousness, I was finally able to stand strong, REALLY strong, with my own two feet. Don’t get me wrong, my friends helped, and so did my family. I wouldn’t be where I am without them. But, to achieve true happiness from experiencing something really painful takes strength from within. And the ability to feel and think positive thoughts again felt more rewarding to me than ever. To feel like I can go about doing my own things all by myself without a man in my life feels… almost amazing. So, I have to thank my past, for giving me its life lessons to grow and nourish into the person I am today. Because without them, I wouldn’t be able to finally find my own true happiness.

Trust me when I tell you that through any hardships or pain in your life that you are experiencing right now, it DOES get better in time. Trust me when I tell you that although all that negative thoughts have sucked the living life out of you, you will be able to find that light again. Trust me when I tell you that even if you’re not feeling so happy or strong right now, you will revive and bloom into a beautiful, strong, and healthy person.

Honestly, a single life is not bad at all. It actually gives yourself time to focus on finding what’s important in your life right now. Whether it may be studying your hardest to graduate from college in a year or two, or searching hours to find your dream job, or deciding to finally treat yourself better by giving your body it’s most up-most and healthiest needs.

Most importantly, living a single life gives you a chance to smile from within. What do I mean by this? Well, to treat yourself like your own best friend.

1. Give yourself time to figure out what you truly need, not what you want.

2. Give yourself time to focus on your goals in the future, instead of comparing yourself to your old high school friends’ success by looking at their facebook. Seriously. Face book is edited by the person who created their own page. They can erase, delete, completely hide what they don’t want people to see and show off what they want people to see. It’s unreliable, so don’t beat yourself over for not being as successful as they are. Ok? J

3. Give yourself time to focus on being around people who make you extremely happy: Family, friends, pets!

4. Give yourself time to… just be yourself. Nothing feels better than being comfortable in your own skin. Yes ladies, that means: make-up off! Glasses on! PJ’s on! and Rock on! Bring out your inner dork J

In the end, listen to yourself and its thoughts. By the end of the day, you should feel healthier, happier, and more peaceful. And don’t worry my single friends, when love comes again in your life, it will. Trust the process and be patient J

Until then, take care!
Stay strong, stay happy, and stay beautiful!