Thursday, October 20, 2011


Been quite a while since the last time I wrote. And I sure do miss it. So far, some new things have happened. Like.... having time to work out, having time to cook decent & healthy meals, having time to catch up with some good girlfriends, having time to give my wardrobe & myself a major makeover, having time to STUDY more! (this is a biggie), having time to SLEEP MORE! (also a biggie), having time to spend some quality time with family, having time to focus on things that make me happy. & lastly, having time for myself.

So far, life has been pretty okay. Although my Dad is gone, I still feel grateful to have such an amazing father for the past 20 years of my life. The pain from a loss of a father still lingers, and my thoughts of him still stick on like glue to me almost everyday... but, I know I will get better. I guess all it takes is time..

How's everybody else doing?
Hope all is well <3

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S U J A Y S said...

We are alone on this earth but we have a invisible bond in between our family. Stronger your love towards family strongest is your bond or else you would have lost.