Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'll be gone for a little bit!

Finals are coming up in the next week so unfortunately, I wont be blogging for the next 2 weeks! BUT after next week is over, I will definitely have more time to update! Since winter break is right after that :) But before I go, here are some tips for you fellow students who are trying to successfully study hard, unlike me... who stay up until 2am to study for finals ):

Yes, we all know sleep is a major helping factor for us students so make sure you get enough sleep! Studies show that the more rested you are, the better you are focused to absorb new information! Although it is hard since there are procrastinators out there *cough* (me) haha, but still! Make sure you do get in your rest :)

Eat:Lots of fruits & vegetables! & nuts! I've been getting super drained because i've been always up studying, fear no more, walnuts are here! Studies show that walnuts have lots of omega 3 in it which is very good for health, AND OUR BRAINS! And don't you notice that walnuts kind of look like brains too?! HAHA, not trying to gross any of you guys out :) But yes, eating walnuts, vegetables, and fruits will keep you up & focused for your busy studies!

Drink:I know lots of you are downing down lots of coffee, energy drinks, and other caffeinated drinks; however, although those drinks DO help keep you awake, try drinking fruit smoothies & LOTS & LOTS of water! fruit smoothies, not only taste delicious but help you gain the RIGHT kind of energy into your body! Not those artificial overly sugar energy drinks! Drinking lots of water will help you cleanse our your body from free radicals & impurifications! So, don't just sit there! Get to it :)

Alright, I hoped these tips helped those of you who are currently on that study rush! Don't forget to keep yourself healthy! Trust me, you wouldn't want to be sick on the day of your finals....!

Good luck & I will be back to soon! :)

my HUGE motivation tip:
I made this wallpaper for my desktop on my laptop so I wouldn't get easily distracted from my studies. Suprisingly, it has helped.... a lot. NO JOKE! Set this as your desktop background & see what a difference it makes! :)
Here, I have 2 different styles. Choose one for your liking! Personally, I like the black one.
It really screams, "Don't you dare go on Facebook! STUDY!"
haha, but that's just me.

(double click to enlarge picture for full resolution)

Happy studying, friends! :)


Rosmarin said...

just stumbled over your blog - and I found the idea of the wallpaper great! Im in front of my exam/finals of my university, but I always postpone singning up for the tests, because I always think, Im not ready yet. Just put your wallpaper on my desktop for motivation, Im curious if it works ; )
Greetings from Germany : )

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Anonymous said...

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