Friday, September 3, 2010

nailpolish! woot!

hey guys! it's been a while >< i was putting on nail polish & i thought of you guys! i'm loving this nail color! so for all the girls out there who just wants to wear a simple cute & clean polish, definitely stop by your local target store & get essie's nude pink (delicacy) #229 it's definitely worth $7.00! so far, i've had it for a couple days & no signs of cracking or peeling! & this is GOOD NEWS! because in my family, i'm KNOWN for washing the dishes... every day ): so that's why i try not to wear nail polish all the time cus it always peels! but it's been a couple of days & all of my nails are perfectly painted! woooot! I know $7 is a bit much for a bottle of nail polish... but trust me. it's definitely worth it! okay, i'll end it here. hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! stay safe!
stay wonderful!
"Bye!" - snow :)

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