Sunday, May 16, 2010

hello hello!

hey guys!
i'm sorry i've been away for so long.. i was busy with school & my dad came back from taiwan so there was defintely a whole lot of family bonding time lately. &, i've came down to a nasty flu since last thursday. yeah... my agenda was really full. but i feel a whole lot better because my boyfriend stopped by this morning with some robitussin cough syrup and some NyQuil to help me battle this tough bug out of my body! :) I feel a whole lot better but i'm still coughing and my throat is still hurting ): but i'm just happy that i don't have a nasty fever! well anyways, i hope you guys had a wonderful week! I promise once my finals are over (next wed.), things will go back to schedule! I will start to blog at least 3 times a week to keep you guys up & running about my random life so stay posted! In the meantime, the above pictures are pictures from other bloggers (oh,hello friend & fashionfever from tumblr) check their blogs out! I just love that outfit! It screams summer :) & I can't wait for it! Alright guys, I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

stay safe
stay healthy!


MentallyStrange(: said...

It is a beautiful summer outfit(:

wititmeganstyle said...

haha i know! i agree :)

yogi rock said...

oi oi oi ^_^ cool blog men !

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