Saturday, March 6, 2010

kill them with kindness.

in the past few weeks i think i've grown to start to accept who i am. kind of scary as a first sentence huh? but, really... these past few weeks we're by far the worst yet the best weeks ever of my life. So- your wondering.. where the heck is she going with this? well, the past few weeks, i've had many of my close ones criticize me from head to toes. NONSTOP. And last night was my breaking point. I just had enough of what everyone had to say and started to crawl into bed to escape from all the criticism. Unfortunately, these tears didn't really help me fully escape from everything- instead, i kept thinking in my head "why the hell is everyone so shady lately?! why does my outer appearance really matter that much? who are they to tell me that i've gained weight or that my skin got really bad?" I try to not think too much about this because it obviously sounds pretty silly right? why should i be crying in my bed all night because of their harsh words? pretty soon, i turned my laptop on and wrote my dad an email because apparently, i might be deprived of having some true family around me. After i vented out, my dad called me within the next 20 minutes and we had a very intense conversation. He told me...

"Why are you so concerned with what other people have to say about you?! I know you Megan and you are my beautiful, most caring daughter ever so why should you listen to all that nonsense?! You know who you are and what you want so why should the rest matter? You have to grow and learn to love yourself inside and out. You are beautiful, regardless of what other people say."
- Dad.

So my point to all this is, no matter what other people say about you, love who you are because if you break through the people who shake you up and put you down, and you reply back with unconditional love to them, they themselves will realize what a loving person you are. inside and out.


P.S. You are beautiful, don't forget that.


Malou said...

Your Dad's words are so true. Everyone is beautiful in their own, unique way and if you disagree with that, you definitely don't have to go and tell the world.
Love, Malou

Frozen Soda said...

Awww. Im sorry if I made you feel that way. I dont mean to criticize. Im not perfect either. I hope you know that I love you. :)

Jess said...

I've randomly found your beautiful blog, but after noticing that you love God, winter, running, and taking amazing pictures, it seems as if we have a lot in common. I love all those things as well. : ) Hope today is going better for you.

wititmeganstyle said...

thanks malou :)
and baby, i love you too. <3
jess, thank you! today is going a lot better :) i hope we get in touch via blogging!

daniel said...

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juanne said...

hi megan! keep your head up =) not gonna lie, your dad's words make me cry. listen to him! he said all you need to know to live your own way and just don't let other people bring you down =)! what is that daniel person talking about? can't wait to visit again soon hopefully and have that tour around norco :D

Princess Charlie said...

I sometimes forget who I am, and let myself actually believe what other people say about me.
You gave me hope for today(:

ankit said...

hi megan
your father is true. i m we should not think abt others. we should b happy with the way god has send us on earth

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