Tuesday, February 16, 2010

that happy simplicity

credits: oh, hello friend.

After stumbling upon many creative DIY room decor, I decided to start coming up with creative hand-made decor ideas for my room. I'm tired of coming to my room not feeling inspired or at ease. SO- in the near future, when i start saving up my work money, i will start putting ideas into craft and tape, pin, paint, stick, inspiration into my room & whatnot :) feel free to give me some ideas! i'm kind of going for a simple yet subtle type of interior design. In the next post, i will post up a picture of my dream room design.

but until then, have a happy week :)

OH btw, i changed my layout once again-
i'm starting to really love these vintage patterned birdies :)


Mango said...

*-*กิ๊บเก๋ดีนะ แต่งให้แล้วลงภาพให้ดูบ้างนะ

Stayseated! said...

I was just getting into decorating my room too. :D I really like those cork boards... Actually, any boards that I can pin things to.. Ah, gotta love those. (: And collage posters... Now those are cool. I have a wall of different cute business cards & postcards from different places. :D Or you can always buy those Indian saris (I think that's what they're called) go to the flea market (there's always cheap cloths) I'm pretty sure they're there. (: Drape it down a white wall loosely. Always good for color since Indian people wear such bright colors! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Love the layout.
I decorated my room but am already tired of it. My favorite bedroom was one where the ceiling was painted seaglass green. I loved it.

Aiden said...

Ms. Givens gave me an idea... Why not put up something on the ceiling to look at when you can't fall asleep?

And a board always allows creativity!

wititmeganstyle said...

Thank you all for the wonderful ideas :) i'll try to incorporate all these wonderful ideas into my room!<3

Louise Andersone said...

This is simply beautiful :)

Flora said...

What lovely images, especially the second... take a look at my blog, i'v only just started but just put bits and bobs of my work on there... I hope you dont mind that I took inspiration from your clock...I hope you will find somthing you like on my blog so I can return the favour... p.s i love the birds

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