Thursday, January 14, 2010


sorry for typing such a glum entry a few days ago.. i just never realized that once your alone settling in a new city that you know no one of, starts boiling up emotions that were dug deep deep inside that haven't been exposed yet..... until recently. but in all, in the end everything is back to how it was and it felt like all of the happiness has restored back :) sigh, sometimes its kinda tiring to have to go through so many downfalls in order to reach satisfaction but we all know that in the end, all the hope and faith is counted back and our end result is always somewhat promising :) maybe not 100% expected, but our overall result is always somewhat around those lines.

so besides me apologizing for my recent pessimistic entry, i would just like to remind not only myself but to everyone to have faith<3 because faith can always bring someone back to their grounds even if someone is having a terrible day. because we just all know that trust and love is always very important... in everything.

stay healthy and keep having faith!
until next time :)