Friday, January 8, 2010

oh gosh!

when did it all go by so fast? it feels like 10 years have gone by instead of 1. maybe it's because i had so many things going on in the year of 09' but sheeeeesh i feel like i need to pause my life for just a few moments to cherish the time i have in this beautiful world :) I dont know about you... but, i'm really sure that God has given me so much things to offer in this little blue and green planet i call home :) Also, need i say, he also provided me with just a few more wonderful things- like the new people i meet in my life and even animals! I'd just like to say to those who were always there and those who just came into my life- i'm so thankful to have you apart of my life no matter how small or how big you've impacted me; you have done more than just inspiration but, love. Yes, love. In all ways possible. whether it was Friendship, Family, Acquaintances, partnership, or something more. You really are 100% significant to my life. And let's just say that no matter how many resolutions we make in the next upcoming new year, we still have those unforgivable moments, those loved ones, and those who were just apart of our lives unconditionally engraved deep within our hearts. And no resolution can top that :)