Wednesday, December 16, 2009

such a big day

first, i woke up at 6:20 in the morning to get ready to go to school at 6:45. Then- I found out that my teacher wasn't in his office during his office hours ): so ... i went to school early for nothing...... okay i lied- not for nothing.. i did use that valuable time to study for my history final & still, i don't think i was 100% confident taking that test.. ): however, i was really happy after i took it because right after that, i did a little christmas shopping since breamall was just right around the corner :) oh- how i love my school area(: soon after that, i went home and discovered that our hot water was working again! YAY! so- i then took a very long shower and my mom called me with some very annoying news: "Megan, COME TO WORK NOW! I need help!" .... she said. so right when i was still, drenched wet and hoping to relax for the rest of the day, i get called in for work. ): so i went to my moms warehouse and helped stick on sticker labels onto old merchandise with chris, my handy sidekick! haha. Yes- My sisters boyfriend, which my mom also called in as well. lolol, i guess i'm kinda thankful to have a partner especially when it comes to sticking labels for 3 FULL boxes of merchandise... and thats not even a PORTION of how many we have to do. I'm talking about... like, 400 more boxes to go. and within the 4 hours of sticking the labels onto each piece of merchandise, we were only able to finish 3 boxes... i'm NOT even lying... Funny thing was- when we were listening to music while doing work, i did not notice any non-english songs playing, until he pointed it out. "megan, you know there was at least 5 non english songs that played right?" He said. "Oh crap, really?....... wow.... I thought they were speaking english! wtheck..." I said. This was during our 2nd box ONLY... haha. It just clearly shows how tedious of a work we were doing. Also, we both concluded that after sticking labels for 4 hours STRAIGHT we felt like our hands were just on auto. We seriously couldn't think during the whole process- which explains why i couldn't defer different language speaking music. haha..... alright, you can already tell. just from reading this, that i'm super super SUPER tired. it's ridiculous... waking up right at the crack of dawn and working till rush hour. OH crap- I just stayed up 12 hours STRAIGHT today. NON STOP working, thinking, and well, breathing. HAHA. but i'm not complaining.... completely :) because, first off.. i officially survived the first semester of COLLEGE! (apparently a very big accomplishment to me) AND i did a little christmas shopping (one less thing to worry about) AND working for 4 straight hours with no break, NO blinking... (hah, i'm just kidding.)... and that, is great since my mom finally agreed to PAY me for my labor. hahaha, i know... finally, right?

so yeah- there you go, my last day of complete crazy busyness (sorry, if its not a word but it sure as hell perfectly describes my day today)
& now i think it's good for me to just... sleep because tomorrow, i will be having another long day.

except... tomorrow will be MUCH more exciting and worthwhile :)
more details tomorrow!
Goodnight & Peace out! :)