Friday, October 9, 2009

Time for an update

I don't even know where to begin... so many good things have happened in my life; however, some horrible things have happened as well... i guess I'll start with the negatives- hm, well... I'd like to think that my life is full of a mixture of various things but today is by far the most ridiculous experience ever. I hate fighting with my sister. even when our fights started with small tiny microscopic little nothings. It gets stretched out to extreme measures -_- and i don't really know why! and i still don't.... not too long ago we were just talking about some deep stuff and today was just... completely black and white. sighhh but what makes my day ALL the time now is small little snow :) she always makes me laugh and smile even when shes just sitting on her butt and tilting her head. ugh, but her poops and pees are not always consistent... it's annoying ): unfortunately, she's way too cute to stay mad at.. -_- haha oh well. i should really start getting to bed. it's getting late and i got a long day tomorrow! at least, parking wouldn't be a problem tomorrow since nobody goes to school on Fridays now.. bummer..