Friday, October 16, 2009


it's so great to dance... i almost forgot how amazing it is :) i love our groups choreography! I guess I have the potential to dance at my best today & ... god, it's such an amazing feeling. I think if i have time in my hands i'm gonna join a studio or workshop. I can't believe i've putted dancing off all these months.. almost a year! But I guess I shouldn't complain since i've got so many things on my plate already but it's so amazing to dance and free yourself from all your stress in 2-4 minutes... heck, it feels pretty amazing even for 30 seconds! :) just sayin' :)

intro (hustlin') choreographers- me & the help of kelly!
middle (bad girl) choreographers- nikki and lina
end (got money) choreographer- me :)

hope you like! ^_^