Monday, September 14, 2009

let's try again.

"UGH! your so annoying! why can't you just let me make my own mistakes! why cant you just accept that I just don't remember! I am SO ANGRY with you right now!"

"I know it's not your fault but seriously, you should be responsible! YOUR already old enough to know that!"

It's kindof scary how all our fights... make me realize how much of a "mother" i can be... but i can't help it, my actual mother isn't even mostly there to help me with my problems. and help me with others. These days, it's hard to look for true help around... it's also hard to find the right answers whenever something wrong goes your way. It's also stressful when everyone depends on you to look after someone who's in need. Also, along with all the chaos and struggles... comes with dishes, laundry, constant wonder of what to cook for dinner, count how many times you pick up that kleenex tissue to wipe your hands, and also... let us not forget, the STRESSFUL FULL-STUDENT occupation. needless to say, how extremely serious i am emphasing the "stressful... full... student." part.
But- towards the end, when everything is right again... and when things are back to normal, it gives me a taste of cruel but challenging tests.
Maybe having all those stressful factors in my life is a way to test how capable I am to handle these things... family.. chores.. school... more chores.. -_-
hahaa- but guess what? in the end, it all doesn't matter. buecause in the end, we laugh and just move on....

in spite of the loud screaming, yelling, and yelling the not so nice you-know-what's, family is family.

We are there for eachother whether it's unappealing or pleasing.
We stick up for one another and we bluntly tell eachother what the hell is going on.
We know when to talk, when to smile, when to laugh, when to cry, and when to not say anything at all!
simply because- we're a family. and we love eachother :)
And life is... just, the way it is.
It can be complicated sometimes
It can be nerve-wrecking
It can be beautiful
It can be ugly
It can be amazing.....
because in the end,
Life is life. and we just need to move on, and smile :)