Thursday, July 23, 2009


hello :)

so my trip to taiwan is pretty swell. however i wished my sister and my mom could've came with me as well .. it gets pretty lonely sometimes without them even though i know 2/3's of the whole family is here. I came back from hongkong yesterday from a delayed flight so my dad, my dad's girlfriend, my dad's co-worker, and I came home at 2. instead of 12. -_- why? because plastic got clogged into the airplane's engine. which smelled really really bad! it's not so great having loads of asian passangers on the plane getting pissed off... so instead i decide to watch 17 again the movie. hahahaa i must say, zac efron is a cutie<3

again, i do miss LA.. especially the television. i'm sick of watching dramas... it's way too addicting. i'd rather watch delightful and hillarious 30-minute tv shows, the tyra show, what i like about you, fresh prince, and much more...

i miss my bed too.. don't get me wrong, sleeping with my grandma is comfy but i miss my bedsheets and my numberous amounts of pillows surrounding me.

but the main reason i came to taiwan was to spend more quality time with my father since i only get to see him 2-3 times a year when im in LA.. that's why i wished everyday could be fathers day when im here in taiwan. but i just can't have that wish since he mostly spends his time at work. (which i come along as well but i'm in a different office room with my laptop and books to keep me busy) and i have to share him.... with his girlfriend. don't get me wrong, she's really nice to me and buys me whatever i need and does my nails but i can see at some times she wants to take my dad away all for herself. and it makes me quirk everytime i see them get loveydovey -_- but who am i to take control of my dad's life? he does live all the way in taiwan to keep up with business and he does get lonely without a significant other... so for me to quickly make nasty remarks about their happiness is really selfish. right? i should be happy for my dad that he has a girlfriend that puts up with him and his stressful days at work. let alone, taking care of his elderly mom which consistantly needs to go to the hospital for body check ups. sigh. but it's just nice to have one on one time with my father... i barely get to experience any of that when im all the way over at LA. but then again- people can't ever get everything they want in life...

my cousin tells me that my father cares about my sister and I the most and that we are the first priority in his life(which is true) and that he loves us no matter what. but it just makes me feel like i should disguise myself in an all black suit and ninja over to my fathers room to kidnap him away from his girlfriend just so i can spend some decent quality time with him. maybe i'm selfish. or maybe i'm just too bored that i've got nothing better to do than rant about how lonely i am.

i really do miss LA... i miss my sister and my mom.

but for right now, i know that this vacation is a present my dad wanted me to have. to breakaway from all my responsibilities and to just have fun and relax.

so- i should just do that. right?

to show my dad that he's getting his moneys worth and not wasting his money on this plane ticket..

yeah- just maybe relax & have fun...