Monday, June 15, 2009

So now, all my visiting family members left & it's just my mom, my sister, and I at home alone agains. The house is a lot more quiet now.... but i'm not used to it cus i'm so used to hearing my dad or my cousin or my aunt yelling my name, calling me out to the backyard to have deep talks and catchups. sighh; and don't get me talking about the graduation gifts! omgoodness... so heres to my thankyous:
my dad, my mom, my aunt li, my cousin tina, my cousin jacci and my cousin in-law josh, my cousin amy and my cousin in-law michael, my cousin tom, my tutor jordan, & my sister connie.
The last 2 weeks has been wonderful and i'm really greatfu for having you guys be apart of my graduation experience. It's you who made my graduation by far, one of the best days that i've ever lived in my whole entire life. I thank you SO much for that<3 Thank you for coming down to california just to attend my graduation. Thank you, thank youuuuu! ahhh, i loveyou guys :)
I can't wait to see you guys again next month at taiwan! yay :)
OKAY! to my friends out there-
get ready! because i'm freeeeeeeeeeeee so lets hangout!
call me call me call me all day all night :)