Monday, May 11, 2009

mother's day

was a complete success :) but i wished i knew how to convert a WMV video to a DVD... so i can pop my home-made video into the tv.. but ohwell! the message still went through & thats what counts! SO my weekend consisted of lots of productive thingalings.
  • cleaning the house(rooms, kitchen, bathroom... you name it.)
  • cooking for 20somethin' people.
  • planning mothers day
  • getting the bouquet of flowers
  • surpising mom with flowers
  • making 5 sandwhiches, a pot of sweet sesame riceball soup, salads, apples. (mothers day)
  • cleaning again
  • went out with michael to get his tie & dress shirt
  • OH! & helped him get a mothers day gift for his mommy(:
  • bought ribbon & make-up foundation
  • bought groceries.

PHEW* thats basically almost it.
i just need to buy some gold heels save up $60..... ); & get more acne cleanser stuff

OH DEAR GOD i need to lose weight for prom....
i'm skipping lunch at school to save money & lose weight :)

hopefully, my upcoming plans will succeed. yeeek!