Thursday, April 16, 2009

I don't even know what to call this.

I hate writing about such horrible things but I can't describe where else to vent to..

I didn't know after all that's what happened, something so completely random & out-of-the-blue would strike against me. You confuse me so much... One minute your this, then another your that. You say that to me but your words don't match your appearances. Maybe im just not getting down what exactly went wrong but i'd appreciate it if you could just clearly tell me what that is. ugh, everything is just coming down on me.

i just wish that i can just get up and break away.
- Maybe, i'll do just that.


jujumasta said...

love you love you girlfrand! (and in life, all you REALLY need is girlfriends.)
i'm sure he'll come around.. you know those koreans... hahahah :)

best music on your blog, evaaaa

Stayseated! said...

We'll eat some nice hot breakfast together next week. ;) Oh and I left a message on the chatboard for the entries, actually you can just click the 'Entries' button on my page...

Anonymous said...