Sunday, April 26, 2009

aw, crap.

I shouldn't of procrastinated and put off my homework -_- At this point right now, I just DON'T want to do it anymore. but I need to do it); agh.
but anyways, here are my top prom hairstyles that i want to do: haha i think in the end, i eventually wont be able to try any of these beaaaayootiful styles. but oh well, they're pretty to look at :)
okay- i'm officially so not gonna finish my homework, so im just gonna eff it right now. & probably regret it later so i end up rushing it at school. ooooh, school -_-
p.s- i'm starting to catchup on some very woondafaul music :) mmhm!


jujumasta said...

heyhey hey you! WE BETTER BE WEBcamMing TONIGHT. TEHEE(: hairstyles number 1 + 2 are fucking GORGEOUS. (i prefer #2) & 3 is super adorable, is your hair that short? TRY THEM OUT ! what i want to do with my hair = .. picture of jackie chang's hair in one of her fb pics where it is up to the side and curled with a head band. i hope she don't see this... tehehe.. HI JACKIE.

oh gosh, post again soon! hahahha (: <3

jujumasta said...

oh yea. i tried doing #1 for homecoming without the curls because my hair wasn't quite long enough and i never knew how difficult it was to get a hair into that big pouf. then i tried it again on stacy randomly and it was phail. and then i tried it again on her again another day. another day...another failure. BUT then again you're better than i am at this, i hope you succeed <3 <3 and possibly save money by not going to a hairstylist. but then again it is prom. derrrrrrr.

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