Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lately -

mannn busying up my life is something i kindof enjoy to do; however, its so stressfull! I wish there were those days where when you go to class, the teacher just decides to have a lay off day and pop in a movie for the whole classroom to watch. But, since winterbreak is almost approaching, i guess its apparent for teachers to stress students out for the last few weeks till break. Umm, man. So, I seriously can't wait until my mom comes back from taiwan. It's kind of really weird to have her gone for 2 weeks straight and the house seems so abnormally quiet most of the time... which puts me and my sister in a worried state of mind. I also miss all my family members: my dad, grandpa, grandma, other grandma, aunts & uncles, and aaaaall the cousins. I know what your thinkin', i'm such a worrypoo and baby BUT its times like these that i really want to be able to see them again, get those warm hugs and kisses, and have those personal and inspiring conversations. Those were the days....

Anyways, sorry to my fellow bloggers out there who were annoyed of my short little rants from here and there but I never really had some decent time to sit down and contemplate on a recent topic lately. However on the upsides, I nailed my vegetariansm powerpoint presentation. 60/60 BABY! (=

Well then, I guess I should hit to bed. Tommorow is just like any other long and busy day. Gooooooodnight!